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Re: Bug#651934: How to debug seed FTBFS on sparc?

Michael Biebl wrote:

Could you try building seed 3.2 against the same version of webkit as seed 3.0 was built?
I removed all webkit and javascriptcore packages and installed


The first thing I ran into was that seed currently has a build-depends on libwebkitgtk-3.0-dev (>= 1.5.2), I de-versioned that build-depends so I could continue with the test.

After doing so seed built successfully!
You can get those packages from snapshot.d.o [3].
This should help narrow down the problem.
I notice that "libjavascriptcore" didn't exist in that version of webkit.

IMO this result points the finger even more in webkit's direction (it was already looking that way)

I guess the next thing to do is to wait for jurij's results with his patched version of webkit. Jurij what is the status of that? (still waiting for webkit to build?).

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