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Re: Bug#652115: ruby1.8: FTBFS on sparc: ./sample/test.rb:1848: [BUG] Bus Error

On Wed, Jan 11, 2012 at 08:13:02PM +0100, Julien Cristau wrote:
> On Tue, Jan 10, 2012 at 22:55:16 +0000, Jurij Smakov wrote:
> > It probably makes sense to ask someone with buildd super-powers 
> > to trigger another build on sparc to see if the problem is somehow 
> > buildd-specific.
> > 
> It was already tried 3 times on 2 different buildds:
> https://buildd.debian.org/status/logs.php?pkg=ruby1.8&arch=sparc&ver=
> I can give it back once more, but...

The test fails at sample/test.rb:1848, which is

ary2 = $x.unpack($format)

We had a gcc-4.6 bug (http://bugs.debian.org/635126) which manifested 
itself as a miscompilation of pack/unpack function in Ruby. The bug 
got fixed in gcc-4.6 4.6.2-6 and the latest build attempt was done 
with 4.6.2-4, so it did not contain this fix. I'd say giving it back 
is pretty pointless unless we can bump gcc-4.6 version to 4.6.2-6 or 
later (which is a very good idea anyway, because we currently build 
packages with known bad compiler version).

Best regards, 
Jurij Smakov                                           jurij@wooyd.org
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