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Need a hand to test fdutils

Hello, Sparc & m68k people!

We have two very old bugs about superformat (from the fdutils package) not 
working on sparc and m68k architectures.

#126001: superformat does not work on SPARCstation 5
#78915: superformat doesn't work on m68k (and ppc neither it seems)

As I don't have access to this hardware, I'm looking for people to reproduce 
the bugs with a recent version of fdutils (the last one if possible, which is 
The test is very simple: just install the fdutils package, find a floppy out 
there, try to format it with superformat /dev/fd0, and report the result to 
the corresponding bug report. Please include the output of uname -a, and tell 
me what version of the fdutils package you used (dpkg -l fdutils).
If it fails, please also include the dmesg and strace superformat /dev/fd0 
outputs to your report.

Thanks a lot by advance,


P.S.: please CC me if you answer this e-mail, as I'm not subsribed to the 
lists, or answer directly to the bugs.

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