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Playing with grub and lvm on v240

I was rather surprised to see some grub packages in the sparc tree.
So I gave a try on a spare machine.

This machine is a V240 with 4 disks with previous systems on each (solaris 1, raid1, and various things). I installed a minimal squeeze on the disk then installed the grub-ieee1275 package.

The package works ok. It gives the prompt at startup and boot regular kernel.
It could be a nice replacement for silo as it's doing a lot more.

Installing the package installs the bootloader ok but forgets to generate the grub.cfg file. I had some problem with mixing different partition scheme in the same machine.

grub on sparc does not like the GPT partition scheme, it makes the lvm go crazy and crash the whole grub.

Installing the grub on the disk gives a warning saying it's not embeddable and it has to use blocklist which are unreliable, etc...

I wonder what is the scheme to embedd grub2 on the disk for sparc.

All in all, the grub2 works ok and has exactly the same features as the one on intel.


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