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Re: Missing Disk Space or Partition

On 24/01/2011 19:38, RR wrote:

I don't have a netboot setup there but that would take only about 15-20
mins to setup. That's not the worry though. The worry like I explained
is that these Sparc machines have so far been a pain to cheerfully let
me install Debian on them. In each case I've had to do somersaults and
cartwheels of sorts mostly involving physically disconnecting hardware
components, HBAs, CD-ROM drives etc for them to get through the Installs
and subsequent reboots. So even if I setup a net boot setup there from
here, how would I get past these hiccups if it freezes mid-way and needs
some hardware to be disconnected etc? But i do have another machine here
OR I could just create a VM and then try to see what happens if I
re-create the disk label and then manually build the parition table. Was
rather hoping someone can give me the steps / faq/ how-to / gotchas etc
before I attempt that and try to pioneer it so I can save some time and
anguish :)

Sorry, I can't help with any specific, tested, process for doing this. Regarding gotchas the only real advice that I have is what I mentioned above - make sure you have a trusted netboot environment that you can use to recover if things go wrong. That and the ability to power cycle remotely (easy with one of the LOM based Sun systems) has always allowed me to recover from things.



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