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Re: Bug#606396: installation-reports: Squeeze Beta1 on Apple iBook G4 (powerpc)

Andrzej P, le Wed 08 Dec 2010 21:41:16 +0000, a écrit :
>    I used the default single partition setup suggested by 'partman'.
>    I assume that the suggested partitioning is "correct".  I was
>    puzzled however that the suggested scheme includes a 2.5 GB swap
>    space since the Installation Manual states "On 32-bit architectures
>    (i386, m68k, 32-bit SPARC, and PowerPC), the maximum size of a swap
>    partition is 2GB." [C.3. Recommended Partitioning Scheme].  Is this
>    no longer true?

On i386 it's no longer true.  I'm not sure for sparc and powerpc, but
I'd tend to think the same.  Porters?


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