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Re: “Sponsor” needed for X sparc video drivers

On Sun, Oct 17, 2010 at 04:13:31AM +0200, Cyril Brulebois wrote:
> Hi Tyler.
> Tyler <pml@dtbb.net> (16/10/2010):
> > I also thought that debian had some sparc machines available for
> > building and testing packages?
> (How do you test a video driver remotely?)
> It's slightly easier to have a fellow DD upload packages than logging
> into porterboxes, getting all needed packages installed (probably in a
> specific chroot since it's experimental), and then do remote-signing
> of packages; that's why I asked here.

Sorry, I've missed this message originally, but noticed it today when 
it was forwarded to sparclinux. In theory, I could build and upload 
those, however looking at the list I get an impression that all these 
drivers were only available on sparc32 machines which we no longer 
support (with possible exception of cg6 which was available in some 
Ultra 1s, as I seem to recall). 

Does anyone on the list have counterexamples, i.e. sparc64 machines 
(Ultra 1 or newer) running with any of those drivers?

Best regards,
Jurij Smakov                                           jurij@wooyd.org
Key: http://www.wooyd.org/pgpkey/                      KeyID: C99E03CC

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