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Re: bash performance


> Can you give us a bit more info about the laptop? 

This is a c2d L7500  @ 1.60GHz

> IIRC a T5220 runs an
> UltraSPARC T2 at about 1Ghz.  These are designed for throughput, not
> latency.  The T2 is out of order but only 2 way dispatch (IIRC),
> compared to a 3.4Ghz Intel chip with 4 way dispatch and full out of
> order instruction completion.  Thus in terms of single threaded
> performance, I'm not exactly surprised an x86 laptop is 'faster'. 

Sure, this bash test is by no means excellent and is single threaded. But comparing this simple test to other, much slower, intel machines I still don't see that much of a performance difference.

> What other benchmarks have you tried?  Also have you tried with any
> other OS (i.e. Open Solaris) on the same hardware; this should rule out
> anything Debian / Linux specific.  Likewise have you tried other
> machines?

I actually tried sysbench just now and here are (the strange) results:

"sysbench --test=cpu --cpu-max-prime=2000 --num-threads=X run"

			threads		time
T2		1					72.4743s
T2		32				3.6760s
c2d		1					2.9804s
c2d		32				1.6383s

And no, I haven't tried with (Open)Solaris/OpenBSD yet, I'm hoping to use this as my new toy machine (thus avoiding solaris :). But most certainly will, just trying to make sure that I'm not that stupid and looking for performance that isn't/shouldn't be there.


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