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Meeting 2010-10-07.at.8.00pm Thursday October 7th to Discuss Fulltime or Contract Positions - Markham Rd & Hwy7 Area

Hi  Salahuddin,

Are you looking for a new job/contract position at the moment?

I am getting together with a few people in the  Markham Rd & Hwy7 area to talk about the process of applying for new positions.
Would you be interested in getting together for a coffee with 2-3 others over the next few days?
This meeting is relevant for any background, not just IT. The same principles apply to any industry.

The next date is: 2010-10-07 8.00pm Thursday October 7th

We are meeting at the Tim Horton's Coffee Shop on (6545 Hwy 7 Markham, ON East of Hwy48 and just a little East of Wootten Way)

Please let me know if you are coming beacause I don't want it to get too full.
If you are not free at this time let me know, I may be available later in the day.	
We will be discussing what techniques are available to promote yourself after preparing a resume.
There is no charge for any of this. I think you will find it useful and interesting.

I am a recruiter and I have your contact information from a previous job search. 
If you haven't already; link with me on LinkedIN:

Let me know if you are interested and I will confirm.
I can explain more when we talk, you can call or email me.


Chris Sherret
Sherret Inc.
Marketing / Consulting
(416) 423-0798
(416) 725-7618
(866) 640-0808 (fax)
TO --Salahuddin Kazi--

Supplying People and Opportunities for Contracting and Full-Time Positions.
  Consultants             Programmer/Analysts, 
  Directors               Managers
  Project Managers        Software/System Architects
  Systems Analysts        Business Analysts, 
  Data Modelers           Programmers
  DBAs                    Technical Support Analysts
  Project/Team Leaders    QA Analysts/Consultants
  Systems Administrators  Technical Writers 

Our specialty is: 
J2EE and .NET based senior architects, team-leaders and developers.
in business oriented development (financial, telecommunications, internet,
and business support), but we are not limited to this.

Because of our background in 'C/C++' software development we have a good
base of contacts in system or engineering related software development.

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