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Re: configure ati chipset for Sun ultra 5

On Fri, May 28, 2010 at 05:29:35PM +0200, philo scribbled thusly:
> Hi,
> i have installed debian R5 on ultra 5, HDD 40Go, 360 Mhz, 512 ram and  
> ATI pro rage video chipset.
> i try to install fglrx ati driver but i don't know if it's run under  
> sparc64!

Isn't fglrx ATI/AMD's proprietary closed source driver? Last I 
checked they only supported i386 (although I guess they support 
amd64 too now). If you want them to support sparc, you'd have to
take it up with them, but they're unlikely to care.

Alternately, you could switch to the open source "ati" driver and
it should just work. (Although you'll be missing out on the
latest secret tricks to get that extra 1/2 FPS.) The Rage Pro is
ancient and should be very well supported. (In fact, it's so old
I don't know if fglrx even supports it on any platform.)

Actually, I'm kind of surprised the autoconfiguration didn't set
you up with the ati driver right out of the box. I thought lenny
was new enough you didn't need to configure X manually any more.


PS: For what it's worth, I avoid nvidia/ati proprietary drivers like
the plague, and am rather biased against them in case you
couldn't tell. ;) (To the point where I check
http://dri.freedesktop.org when I'm buying a graphics card to
make sure it will work with DRI.)

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