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Re: Can't read my boot CD on Ultra 5.


> 've just taken delivery of a 'new' Ultra 5, but for the life of me
> can't boot a CD.  The cd drive is an OEM model that was originally
> sold with the Ultra 5 and I have no reason to suspect that it hasn't
> been fitted since new.  I suspect that my 'cdrom' alias is pointing to
> the wrong place, or my cd media is incompatible (cd-r).  Having read
> several how-to's, I am still unable to fathom this one out.  Can
> anyone lend me a helping hand?

I just checked my Ultra 5:

It has a DVD Rom from anywhere (has been put in by some previous owner).

At openboot:

devalias cdrom ->


boot cdrom ->

Debian Lenny CD 1=> ok
Debian Squeeze CD 1 16-Apr-2010 => ok

both on CD-R media.

After booting Debian from hard disk - from /proc:

DVD Drive is attached to chanel 1

On some Ultra (10?) with IDE interface, I had to say 

boot cdrom2
boot cdrom did not work.

Maybe that helps.

Good luck,


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