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Re: Debian Sparc 5.4 on Sun blade 2500

i have installed debian R5 on blade 1500
video card is XVR-100 ati radeon 7000

have you an sample xorg.conf .
declaration of driver !

Best resgards

Petr Vyslouzil a écrit :
Hello Paul,

I assume your Sun Blade has XVR-500 graphics card and you are running X11. If
it's so, I have unfortunately bad news for your as the glitch is a known issue
which is not apparently going to be fixed anytime soon.
At the moment, there is no XVR driver for X11, "only" reverse-engineered kernel
driver aiming at fast and comfortable work in text mode.
If you really need GUI, get yourself a XVR-100.


I installed Debian sparc 5.4 on a Sun blade 2500. Everything went well in the installation process. However, when the system loads Debian, the display is garbled. There are vertical strips on the screen and the whole display is fuzzy.
I use a sun monitor through DVI connection. I have tried to use other monitors through DVI, no use. No signal from VGA.

Any help is greatly appreciated.


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