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UltraSparc 60 install problem - Part 2

Good afternoon.

Having failed and abandoned the rarp/tftp network install I've just
tried installing from a burned testing cdrom. I'm still attached to ttya
for the installation but, unlike with the net install, there's no issue
at all with using the serial console to carry out the installation. I
don't understand why this should be any different.

This time there's an issue with SILO.

The installer process progresses smoothly through every item on the
menu, so I end up with a nicely installed base system, but when ot comes
to installing SILO just before rebooting, I get this error:

  SILO installation failed              │
  Running "/sbin/silo" failed with error code "1"


I executed a shell and ran some commands:


   "Can't find silo.conf"


Copied /target/etc/silo.conf to ./siloinst.conf and edited for correct
paths and partitions

'/target/sbin/silo -C ./siloinst.conf'

   "Can't find second stage loader /boot/second.b"


'/target/sbin/silo -C ./siloinst.conf -b /target/boot/second.b'

   "Config file must be on /dev/sda device"

Wry smile.

'cp ./siloinst.conf /target/etc'

`/target/sbin/silo -C /target/etc/siloinst.conf -b

   "/target/boot/second.b is located above the magic 1GB boundary.
   Please move it down"

Now what am I supposed to do?
Why did the installer place second.b over 1GB up in the air?
Should it really be such a ball ache to get the long-established debian
sparc port onto an Ultra 60?

As ever, any assistance greatly appreciated.

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