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Re: activating a PCI video board

Denis Gulin a écrit :

I'm new to the list, and I'm experiencing problems w/ my sparc ultra 10 ...

I don't have the PS2 mouse, just USB one. I've 2 video boards: one on-board (default) and the other PCI (witha usb port), but I can't activate the last...
Hum, those machine don't have any PS2 port. It's a proprietary serial bus. PS/2 jack don't fit in the connector.

Anyone knows how to work around this problem ?
What problem ? The PCI video card or the Keyb/mouse ?

For the PCI card, SPARC card have a special firmware which is usable with the OBP (the equivalent of bois on sparc hardware). The card must be compatible with the OBP to be able to switch the console to the new card.

The PCI card can be activated directly under linux with the proper xorg.conf configuration. If you planned to put the PCI card to be able to use an USB keyb/mouse to boot the machine and install a system from the console,
forget about it. It won't work.
You need either a sun keyboard / mouse or boot the machine headless and plug a serial cable on the machine (DB25/DB9 null modem).


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