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Re: Unable to create MD device during install

[ Please Cc me in the answer, I'm not in the list ]

I have read through all this thread and bug


which gives me pretty good answer to my question.

However there is another problem present: our 36G SCSI drives are
lowered to 6G after creating first partition. After creating any
partition, partman reports our disks as 6GB, while at the beginning it
reported 36G.

Any clue on this? I'm unable to find this in archive.

Thank you

On Mon, 21 Sep 2009, Ondrej Jombik wrote:

[ Please Cc me in the answer, I'm not in the list ]

We are using 20090123lenny4 SPARC neinst image for installation.

We select "mdcfg" and "lvmcfg" as an additional installation components.
After disks are detected and we start with partitioning, we are unable
to create "Linux raid autodetect" partitions. Thus we are not able to
create MD devices, which we would liek to use and an underlying devices
for LVM2.

Is this an installer bug or we are doing some mistake during the

Thank you for your help.


[ Please Cc me in the answer, I'm not in the list ]

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