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Bug#547290: RM: openoffice.org [sparc] -- ROM; unbuildable

Package: ftp.debian.org
Severity: normal


openoffice.org randomly FTBFSes in various places on sparc both on the buildds
and on smetana. Everytime the second try works, and everytime the fsailure
typoe and/or the failure place is different.

No action so far from either the buildd admin nor the sparc porters and
I don't see this resolved anytime soon.

I of course could do hand-builds on smenana and continuing manually after
each failure since it goes away on the next try but such packages rightfully
wouldn't be accepted into the archive ;)

Next upload of OOo will disable sparc completely; until then please remove the
sparc binaries from unstable.
[ and take (at least) openoffice.org-voikko/sparc with it]



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