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2.6.29 and 2.6.30 unable to open cdrom type devices on U5 U60

I mentioned this here on 11 June.

> Linux ultra5 2.6.29-2-sparc64 #1 Mon May 18 00:00:47 UTC 2009 sparc GNU/Linux
> Working here, including Xorg, except:
> ultra5:~$ eject [no CD in tray]
> eject: unable to open `/dev/hdc'
> ultra5:~$ wodim --devices
> wodim: No such file or directory. 
> Cannot open SCSI driver!
> There is an ata_id [unable to open] warning during boot. 
> I can, however, mount a data CD and play an audio CD. 

I now get the same behaviour on Ultra 5 using
Linux 2.6.30-1-sparc64 #1 Wed Jul 8 01:18:17 UTC 2009 sparc GNU/Linux

and on Ultra 60 with SCSI DVD using
Linux 2.6.29-2-sparc64-smp #1 SMP Mon May 18 04:44:18 UTC 2009 sparc GNU/Linux
$ eject [no CD in tray]
eject: unable to open `/dev/scd0'

This all works fine on both machines using 2.6.26 and with
kernel 2.6.30 on x86.

Anyone else?


Howard E.

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