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Re: Lenny Sunblade 150 xserver issue

On Mon, Apr 13, 2009 at 6:37 PM, निशांत / Nishant
<nishantsharma.in@gmail.com> wrote:
> On Mon, Apr 13, 2009 at 5:41 PM, निशांत / Nishant
> <nishantsharma.in@gmail.com> wrote:
>>> Section "ServerFlags"
>>>        Option "Log" "sync"
>>> EndSection

I have booted kernel 2.6.18-4-sparc64 and restored my xorg.conf
(Debian Etch version). X is working fine for now.

xorg.conf has device section as:

Section "Device"
        Identifier      "ATI Technologies 3D Rage Pro or similar (ATY,RageXL)"
        Driver          "ati"
        BusID           "PCI:0:19:0"
        Option          "reference_clock"       "29.498939 Mhz"
        Option          "UseDBDev"              "1"

Julien, does it look like a kernel problem? I do not see any messages
in kern.log or debug.log or dmesg.

Shall I open a new bug for this?

How about some patent on "(a+b)2 = a2+2ab+b2". Choose free software!

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