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Re: OBP patch upgrade for Ultra 2.

On Wed, 8 Apr 2009, Chris Andrew wrote:

I've been lucky enough to get myself an Ultra Enterprise 2.  I want to
make sure the OBP patch is as up to date as possible.

This site:


Suggests that 3.25.0 was the latest patch.  Can anyone confirm this?
If I download this patch, can someone remind me how to install it.  I
did this ages ago for a U10, but I've lost my instructions.

Any help appreciated.  I also intend to squeeze as much CPU and RAM
into this as I can (currently 296megs).

The patch is usually a zip file containing a README and an executable
which you may need to run under Solaris. You need to move a jumper
on the main board to allow the EEPROM to be written.

I have a spare pair of 300 MHz procs here, remove the NOSPAM to email me.
You can fit a total of 16 * 128 MB sticks in sets of 4 to get 2Gb.

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