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Re: XVR-500 support in Lenny

On Wed, Oct 22, 2008 at 12:46:16AM +0200, Petr Vyslouzil wrote:
> Dave, Julien, thanks for your replies.
> I asked just to make sure I did not miss something obvious (like the 
> .config file in /boot dir :)). I've been wondering why Debian on Sparc 
> doesn't have compiled-in drivers for SUN's graphics cards. I can confirm 
> that sunxvr500 driver works flawlessly even with XVR-600 card (although 
> lspci shows wrong description), so at least all Sun Blade [12]500 users 
> would benefit. And I suppose that sunxvr2500 is not any worse.
> So, please, could you consider to compile them in? The difference between 
> OpenBoot ansi terminal and XVR-600 framebuffer is abysmal.

[adding debian-boot since it relates to the problems with installer on 
Sunblade 1000 which I recently reported]

Petr, can you please try the images I've built from 


They are the same as Debian's stock kernels, except that the 
CONFIG_FB_XVR500 and CONFIG_FB_XVR2500 are enabled (note that it does 
not make sense to build framebuffer drivers as modules, because they 
are used early during boot). I was hoping that enabling them will fix 
problems with the installer (black-and-white terminal, with invisible 
menu highlight) on my SunBlade 1000, however there is a PCI id 
mismatch which makes it not work for me. The XVR-500 framebuffer 
driver supports PCI ID 3d3d:07a0 (vendor is 3D Labs) while my card is 
reported as 1901:07a0 (vendor is Intergraph). Since 3D Labs bought 
Intergraph at some point, there is a chance that this is the same 
chip, but I will have to rebuild the kernel again to test it.


> regards,
> 	Petr
>> Petr:
>> Well, a google search turned up this page  
>> (http://merkel.debian.org/~jurij/) which has the Debian kernel  
>> configurations.
>> The entry for 2.6.26-8 for sparc, "config-2.6.26-1-sparc64.gz  
>> <http://merkel.debian.org/%7Ejurij/2.6.26-8/sparc/config-2.6.26-1-sparc64.gz>" 
>> shows:
>> # CONFIG_FB_XVR500 is not set
>> # CONFIG_FB_XVR2500 is not set
>> Does that help?
>> [I was expecting to find information that tells me where the "config"  
>> file details are contained on a running system (under /proc, I 
>> thought), but I haven't found that, yet....  Perhaps that functionality 
>> isn't available / compiled into the sparc kernels...]
>> Cheers,
>> Dave
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