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gcc-4.3 / qt3 misalignment


This gives bus error on sparc
#include <qdatetime.h>
#include <iostream>

int main(int argc, char* argv[] )
        QTime t = QTime::currentTime().addSecs(0);
        int hour = t.hour();
        std::cout << "hour" <<hour << std::endl;
        return 0;

except in some cases where it segfaults.

If I recompile Qt3 in debug mode (with -O0), it works fine.
Somehow I feel like blaming the toolchain or gcc. So debian-sparc, it is your 

When compiling qt3 with different options, I get:
with gcc 4.1 and -O2, I don't get a bus error, but wrong results from 
with gcc 4.3 and -O2 I get bus error 
with gcc 4.3 and -O1 it seems to work
with gcc 4.3 and -O0 it seems to work

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