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Re: Sun e220R RAID & Co-Processors

Michael wrote:
Does Debian 4 support rebuilding this server's RAID 1 while online? If
not, would a viable option for recovery from hard drive failure be a
script which uses ldconfig to change root directories to a hot spare
which is identical to the other drive?

I also just found out about co-processors availible for this series
server and is there any reson to have one?

Many thanks,

By co-processor I'm assuming that you're referring to the SSL
co-processor/Sun Crypto Accelerator.

They're generally only used for https (secure) websites that receive
a lot of traffic in order to take the SSL load off of the primary CPU(s).
I've also heard of them being used to increase the amount of bandwidth
available within SSL encrypted VPN tunnels, but I've personally
never tried to use one for either purpose myself. There might also be
additional uses for it that I'm not aware of but in general the card is
designed to accelerate SSL crypto operations.


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