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Re: Bug#500358: Fix found

2008/11/9 Bastian Blank <waldi@debian.org>:
>> OK, since there was no opposition and there is still no explaination on
>> why this bug was donwgraded in the first place I'm upgrading it back to the
>> initial severity.
> There is only a small fraction of machines affected, so this is not RC.

This is not a PC case where one can assemble some unique set of components which
will not work together well. SPARC is a traditionally brand
architecture. This case
affects Ultra 5 and may be several other workstation. So if something
doesn't function
on one box it doesn't function on a whole generation of boxes. I think this is
quite a big part of all Debian SPARC users. And if SPARC is qualified
for release
then this is definitely RC.

And do not hesitate to use common sense. Refusal of fixing the bug
should be made
only if you are afraid of breaking something else. This patch targets
only SPARC. It has
absolutely no influence on other archs, so it won't break anything
else even in the worst case.

> I fail to find anything near this patch in upstream (Linus' tree), which
> would be the first target. So please provide commit IDs along with
> patches. If you want to force us to apply patches which does not follow
> our guidelines, you have to ask CTTE.



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