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Re: your mail

On Sat, Nov 01, 2008 at 03:19:52PM +0300, Max Dmitrichenko wrote:
> I'll try lenny's X server in the nearest future. I'm 95% sure that
> it'll work with my patch or with the combination of my and your patch.

Are you talking about



(I still haven't found time to test either, I'm just checking...)

> I'm totally disagree with you that it is not RC-bug. Even documented
> in the release notes bug remains to be a bug. And X server is very
> important package to be ignored. Imagine that this bug occurs on the
> PC hardware. Why then sparc should be discriminated.
> So, don't release lenny for a while :)

Having a common X server regression is an RC bug for the architecture IMHO.

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