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Re: Sun serial terminal

mike wrote:
I'm doing a serial port install on a Sun e220r using a db25 to rj45
adapter and then an rj45 to db9 adapter (with a cat-6 cable in between).
Does anyone know what speed the serial port on the client needs to be
set to?

Right now I'm using these settings:
TERM= /dev/ttyS0
Speed= 9600
parity = none
8-bits with 1 stopbit
no flow control

Thanks much for help

By default those are the correct settings. That cable setup probably needs a null modem adapter at one end though if the db25 and db9 adapters that you're using are the standard silver ones with a Sun part number on them. Or, you can try recrimping a RJ45 cable that,
instead of straight through, has conductors 3 and 6 swapped at one end.


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