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Re: Debian on Sun box any advantage?

Brian Thompson wrote:

John Griessen wrote:
Brian Thompson wrote:

Most of our Sparc Debian boxes are Sunfire V100s transplanted
into Netra X1 chassis. They're inexpensive, can easily be
front mounted into two-post relay racks, and don't generate
much heat. Great way stuff a linux box into a cramped phone

Would you tell us more about that  Sunfire V100 transplanting?

Low heat compared to a netra t105 would be nice...

John G

The Netra X1 and Sunfire V100 are very similar internally. The significant
differences are related to the CPU/RAM, cdrom, and the chassis.

The motherboards are virtually identical. The Netra X1 was available as
a 400MHz or 500MHz and the Sunfire V100 was available as either a
500MHz, 550MHz, or 650MHz. The 400MHz/500MHz chips are
UltraSparc IIe and the 550MHz/650MHz chips are UltraSparc IIi.
Both motherboards have four SDRAM slots and depending on whether
the CPU is UltraSparc IIe or UltraSparc IIi, each slot can recognize
512MB or 1GB respectively for a total of either 2GB or 4GB of ram.
The ram appears to be regular PC133 ECC.SDRAM (at least I've
used it in Pentium III PC servers without a problem).

Regarding the chassis, when Sun replaced the Netra X1 with the
Sunfire V100 they added an internal slim cdrom and lengthened the
chassis to be used with sliding rails in a four-post rack instead of
only front ears like the Netra X1 uses.

So, the end result if you have plenty of all of the above laying around
is a 650MHz UltraSparc IIi with 4GB ram and zero, one, or two IDE
hard disks (no cdrom) contained in a small 19" front ear mount
Netra X1 chassis. I haven't compared the amount of heat generated
between the different CPU speeds but none of them are space heaters
by any means.

Hope the info helps.


After checking with Sun, the rated heat output of the Netra t105 is 368BTU/hr. The rated heat output of the Netra X1 is 148BTU/hr (nominal)/280BTU/hr (max). The rated heat output of the Sunfire V100 is 148BTU/hr (nominal)/280BTU/hr (max) It makes sense that the Netra X1 and Sunfire V100 are the same heat wise since
the only part they added for the Sunfire V100 is the cdrom drive. And, I'm
assuming that the 280BTU/hr maximum rating is with two hard disks.

Also, regarding the reasoning for using the Netra X1 chassis, it only requires
front mount ears and the depth is 13" (if rack type/depth is an issue).


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