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resolving X Server crashes on SPARC (bugs #488669 and #500358)


OK, the bug sprint is over and this bug is still open, but I'll try to summarize
my findings. I won't be able to further work on this in the next day as my internet
connection is broken since the heavy snow yesterday (waiting for the phone company to
repair the phone line).

What I have found so far:
- Only one person not running the Debian X server reports that reverting the PCI
  change in the kernel fixes the problem.
- All others report that neither upgrading the X server to the version in experimantal nor
  the kernel patch fix the problem. They get various similar errors all hinting at "memory 
- The original bug reporter sadly did not respond to my mails.
- Max Dmitrichenko developed a kernel patch which as far as I understand it fixes the problem 
  for the X server in experimental. I'm not sure if this patch is also able to solve the problem 
  with the X server in lenny.
- OK and I just found out that Bastian Blank donwgraded the bug to important without further 
  explanation in the bug log. 

I see the following options:

- Just agree with Bastian that this is not release critical and document the regression in the $
  release notes.
- If the patch from Max also fixes the issue when using the X server in lenny, then apply this
  patch to the lenny sparc kernel.
- Find someone with the appropriate hardware and dedication to fix the bug in the X server. 


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