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Re: Debian on Sun box any advantage?

John Bevins wrote:
Hello Everyone,

I don't know much about Sun boxes. What advantage, if any, is there to running Debian on a Sun box as opposed to a brand name x86 server?

In my case I have Debian running on a range of systems from single-CPU ARM with 32Mb to a moderate-sized Sun box with a dozen or so CPUs and several Gb. That is arguably a wider span of system capabilities than you get with x86 and it is interesting to see how different software scales.

Because Sun SPARC systems don't have a legacy BIOS which relies on an attached screen etc. they tend to be easier to support. You don't need KVMs, special management cards, remote access software etc. and you can even get at the system configuration before boot (OBP access to printenv/setenv etc.).

Being able to compile for multiple architectures is a good way of finding certain types of bug.

There is very little malware that can attack non-x86 systems.

If you're interested in using open source software then it would be nice to think that you could contribute something back to the community, and people with non-x86 experience are in comparatively short supply.

You'll get geek points for doing something out of the ordinary :-)

Mark Morgan Lloyd
markMLl .AT. telemetry.co .DOT. uk

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