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Re: Debian on Sun box any advantage?

On Wed, 22 Oct 2008 16:20:58 MST, Sean Whitney writes:
>Sparc also provides a console port which makes headless operations easier.

but to be honest, one also has to mention that there are occasionally
/very/ annoying issues wrt. 64bit kernel versus 32bit userland[0] that
makes using linux on (recentish) sparcs more annoying than necessary.

my personal 2 cents: if you like suns, there's no reason not to 
run linux on them. if you have multiple architectures to deal with, 
that'd be another reason to run debian on all of them. 

az (happy sparc-user since the day of IPCs)

[0] stuff at the boundary between kernel and userland can get 
structure sizes wrong easily if it isn't specifically written 
to recognize the split personality. 
ulog and iptables were the most annoying examples of this problem 
that i ran into personally.

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