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Re: Debian on Sun box any advantage?

On Wed, Oct 22, 2008 at 01:18:26PM -0700, John Bevins wrote:
Hello Everyone,

I don't know much about Sun boxes. What advantage, if any, is there to running Debian on a Sun box as opposed to a brand name x86 server?

It makes exploiting the machine harder.  Normally, an attacker will try
to exploit buffer overflows using i386 shellcode.  If the service is
vulnerable, it will probably crash (instead of arbitrary code being
run), since i386 shellcode doesn't work on sparc.  Note that if an
attacker really wants to break in, the differing architecture will
probably not matter; he or she will simply use sparc shellcode.  But
script kiddies randomly searching for a machine to break into will
probably not bother.

If you really care about accurate floating-point operations, sparc has
support for float, double, and (in the 64-bit versions) long double.  On
i386 machines, by default, all floating-point operations are performed
in long double mode, so some results are less accurate than they might
otherwise be.  amd64 does not have the problems of i386 in this case.

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