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Re: OS dies, Sparc server returns to Open Boot prompt

On Wed, Oct 22, 2008 at 11:56:41AM -0700, John Bevins wrote:
I have a Sun Sparc server running Debian that may run for days but the OS stops/dies and when I serial into it with Minicom it is at the Open boot prompt and I have to tell it to boot.

Make sure that minicom doesn't send a break when it starts up.  If it
does, you'll get kicked to the OpenBoot prompt.  If this happens, you can
usually tell it "go" and OpenBoot will resume the operating system.
This may or may not be helpful.

Normally, though, OpenBoot should boot the machine automatically (if it
is appropriately configured), so you shouldn't get kicked to the prompt,
even if the machine does spontaneously reboot.

Disclaimer: my sole SPARC machine is an Ultra 5.

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