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Re: TFT monitor at cgsix

Norbert Gerhards wrote:

I recently switched from an old CRT monitor to
an IBM TFT, running 1024x768 @ 60 Hz.

My machine is a Sun Ultra Enterprise 2 with a
Sun SBus card TG+, found by debian as 'cgsix'.

Although I entered r1024x768@60 in Open BootPROM,
the horizontal frequency is obviously not 60 Hz,
but higher, which results in a very 'unsteady'

Where and how can I force the 60 Hz to the cgsix

Thanks in advance,


Hi Norbert,

Unfortunately Sun doesn't support 1024x768@60hz.on the
TGX+ (Bt467 RAMDAC). It is supported on the regular TGX
(Bt 458 RAMDAC) though. The supported frequencies for
1024x768 on the TGX+ are 66hz and 77hz.

If I remember correctly, the resolution/refresh rate can be set
either in the OBP or by grounding the proper sense pins on the
video connector, and I believe the OBP setting has priority but
I might be mistaken.

The stability issues that you're seeing might also be related to
the composite sync (R/G/B/S) coming from the framebuffer if
the monitor you're trying to use is expecting separate
horizontal/vertical sync (R/G/B/H/V).

More info can be found here:


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