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Re: OT: replacing SunSparc 10 faulty network onboard card


An Ultra 10 (desk side pcish looking case) has 4 PCI slots.   Cheap random
pci network cards work just fine.  I'm sure that I've used 3com 9xx ones
and dlink (something or another) ones with no problem.  The onboard is a 
Sun HME.  You can get those on a PCI card, and also can get 4 on a single
PCI card.  Ebay is your friend.

A SparcStation 10 is a older pizza box.  The onboard is a Sun/AMD LE.
You can get cheap HME SBus cards on ebay etc.  That said, you will have
to work a bit to get a recent Linux on a SparcStation 10.  Sadly the 32 bit
sparcs aren't maintained anymore.  That said, they were quite slow by 
today's standards.

good luck!



On Mon, Jul 14, 2008 at 02:29:01PM +0200, Hartwig Atrops wrote:
> Hello.
> > I apologize if this's a little off topic, 
> I do not think it's off topic.
> > but I have a SunSparc 10 machine
> > with a faulty network onboard card, I wonder if it´s posible to replace it
> > with a common PCI ethernet card, and if so, how to configure it. Do you
> > know a possible solution ?.
> Do we talk about the same machine? A Sun Sparcstation 10 (32 bit CPU) does 
> not have PCI slots. It uses the SBUS.
> A Sun Ultra 10 (64 bit CPU) has - as far as I remeber - PCI slots. There are 
> also Ultras with SBUS, Ultra 10 should have PCI. Cannot check that today.
> If you need an SBUS card - try eBay. I bought some there.
> Regards,
>    Hartwig
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