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Lenny net install on Ultra80: video problem

First, I am a Sun/sparc newbie.
Second, I recently acquired Ultra80 boxes with standard PCI video cards pgx32 framebuffer type.

Status: I have downloaded the latest Etch net install iso, burned it and installed on the 18G hard drive of one machine. It boots fine. (Xorg does not want to work with the video card at this time. That's another issue.)

I downloaded the Lenny version of a sparc net install iso and attempted to install that since I wanted to try "newer" sw on a second Ultra 80.

The CD booted fine, but then when the OBP output switched to the Linux console (text based) and the Penguin image showed up, the text was not readable. I could recognize what the screen was; the blue, red, and white colors were where they should be but the characters were just weird.

As a check, I booted with the Etch CD and its screens were fine. I even downloaded and burned a second Lenny net install CD on a different machine and it had the same problem.

I've done several hours of web searching, but found nothing on this so far.

Anyone have an explanation about why the Lenny version has garbled text?


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