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Ultra 10 install issue

Hey everyone:


I have read the last two years of this list in hopes to find an answer, and alas I have not.


I have an Ultra 10 that can run Sun Solaris 8 with no issue. I could use the “sarge” install but it would fail in the middle of the install. Now I have 4.03 downloaded and trying to do a Net install. I have read the Uwe Hermann the “paranoid Debian developer” and “The very verbose Debian 3.0 installation walkthrough” to see if they help.


Sadly, nothing. I can install 4.03, but here is the issue, it looks like it is echoing the text, but offset by one character. Even after I finish the install, basically by hitting enter to default the whole process, the login screen comes up like this as well. I am including a link to a picture of it http://www.alawrence.net/linux/  it’s the only photo in there. This happens after I get the welcome to screen and hit enter to install… it loads the 8MB kernel and I can read that fine then when the screen refreshes and has the penguin at the top it starts this echo issue


I know it has two video cards, the one I am using displays the whole install process, nothing is being sent to that other video card. That was the first thing I checked. Then I have tried to pass parameters to the boot loader to not use the frame buffer, but that doesn’t seem to work either. Maybe I am doing it wrong.


I have been beating my head against a wall for about three months now with no luck, so I hope someone on this list can help me.


The specs are: Ultra 10 with 512 MB RAM a 9.1 GIG IDE HD and openboot version: 3.19


As an aside… I know that the monitor, cable and video card all work because I can install and use Solaris on the computer set up the same way. Now to note when ever I have the echoing issue even the monitor menus, to degauss etc, show up echoed.


Any help or ideas would be great.









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