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Re: Can Etch be installed on an SS20?

Jim MacKenzie a écrit :

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Sent: Tuesday, April 22, 2008 1:35 PM
Subject: Can Etch be installed on an SS20?

I know the Lenny will not support 32-bit Sparc Stations.  Has anyone
successfully booted Etch from a CD and done an install?

I know that the Linux kernel does not support multiple CPUs reliably on sparc32 (and the SS20 can have up to four CPUs; mine has a pair of Ross 180 MHz HyperSPARCs).

Because of the lack of SMP support, I put NetBSD on my SS20, but as far as I know, Etch out to work. I can't tell you that it works from experience, though.

(To placate the list, I do have Debian running on an UltraSparc 1/170E, but I am having some issues with 2.6 kernels recognizing the SCSI controller. It works fine with a 2.4 kernel though.)

Etch works with 2.4 kernel in SMP configuration, but 2.4 kernel randomy crashes with "Watchdog reset", specially when CG14 or ZX is initialized. 2.6 linux kernel is more stable, but doesn't support SMP workstations. I have build a linux kernel on sparc32 SMP (with a quick and dirty patch in ESP driver) that is stable. You can find this kernel and a new glibc at http://newton.systella.fr/~bertrand/sparc32
I don't have time to rebuild all etch packages for strict sparcv8 processor.

Linux 2.6 does not support HyperSPARC processor even in UP configuration due to one or more bugs in cache management (HyperSPARC uses cache aliasing and SuperSPARC doesn't). HyperSPARC are supported in 2.4 tree, but a four RT626 workstation are four time slower than a dual SM71 one ! Last usable HyperSPARC kernel in a 2.2 linux kernel. You can use Solaris9, but only with one or two processors. Solaris randomly crashes when you try to put more than two processors on a sparc32 (MNI error). OpenBSD does not support SMP sparc32, but NetBSD does. Warning : NetBSD 4.0 does not support real time signals (if you use this kind of signals, you has to write some workarounds...) and s is always null when you call sigpending(&s). You have to fix some fb drivers, for example if you try to use a CG14 in 1280x1024x76m...



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