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Re: esp_scsi in the debian installer

Nick Schmalenberger wrote:
> I thought the esp scsi driver was supposed to be fixed in 2.6.23 or
> 2.6.24, but on my Ultra/1 it isn't working with todays daily build of
> the netboot installer. Attached are the debug logs. Has anybody had this
> working? Thanks.

I have a IDE-based Ultra10 myself, so can't test this.

From the logs you sent I can see that esp_scsi is getting loaded (although 
I'm a little bit surprised at that since hw-detect still only lists esp as 
the module to be loaded, which explains the "missing modules" message).

But it does indeed seem that your disks are not getting recognized.

Could you try the following:
- boot the installer in expert mode
- proceed until just before the "Detect disks" phase
- start a debug console
- modprobe esp_scsi manually

Is there anything interesting in the output of dmesg after that?

If not, probably the best thing to do is to send the output of 'lsmod' 
and 'dmesg' and some info about your hardware to the upstream sparc kernel 
maintainers [1].


[1] sparclinux@vger.kernel.org

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