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IDE DMA issue at Blade 100 and 2.6.{22,23}


I think that I could found the reason for some boot problems at SUN Blade 100 with Debian Lenny (DVD image from March 08).

recent posting:


It is related to a driver problem of the IDE controller, ALI M1535D. Once
it detects possible UDMA60 at the IDE bus, the boot process stops.

If you modify the hardware so that UDMA60, DMA mode 4, does not work, the
SUN does boot. I tested this at two Sun blade 100 with Debian Lenny (DVD
image from March 08).



To do this modification you must change the IDE cable from 80 conductor to
40 conductor cable and set the DVD drive from CS to slave (jumper). HDD
remains at CS.


The UDMA60 does not work (see boot messages) and the SUN starts up in
UDMA30 mode, see boot log.

This seems to be an old problem. So there are early postings from year


Do you see an chance to find a solution for this issue because this makes
the Sun Blade 100 pretty slow?

Best regards peter
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