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HIDDEV not included in kernel


I hope this is the best place to get an answer about this. If not, please point me in the appropriate direction.

I have a Sun Ultra 60 which I'm using as a server and firewall. I'd like to run apcupsd to let it communicate with the UPS it is attached to, but HIDDEV is not activated in the default debian kernel. Does anyone here know why it isn't? Did it break something else?

I can build my own kernel, but it seems like this is something that should be active by default. I didn't find any mention online about why it might be deactivated by default, so I wanted to ask here before I broke something.


p.s. I've got a 9GB SCSI drive that I pulled from this system (replaced with 2x18G more quiet drives) that I don't need, and it looks like some of the sparc dev systems are down with bad disks: could the project make use of it?

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