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Re: Netra 20 problem

Thanks, but nothing, after "Booting Linux" the cursor goes crazy... and nothing happends... any ideas ?

2008/2/4, Vidblain Amaro <vidblain@gmail.com>:

On Feb 4, 2008 2:26 PM, César García <celord@gmail.com> wrote:
     Hi guys, I am having a problem with a netra 20 server.. with 1GB RAM, I can boot from cdrom, but after hitting ENTER for starting the installation, the system gets stuck.

      Here are some parameter that I have tryed...

install mem=256m

install mem=512m

install mem=1024m

install ide=nodma

But no good results...

Thanks for all the help !!!!

Ok let me say that you can try with this parameter,  frambuffer=true  or false , some model of sun have the problem of the video graphics target

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