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Please try reproducing kdm bug #433801 kdm_greet exits unexpectedly

in July, Sune Vuorela sent a mail to debian-sparc requesting to try 
reproducing #433801 on kdm, but there were no answers. I checked the web 
archives and couldn't find the mail. Perhaps for some reason the mail didn't 
reach debian-sparc, so I'm trying again. Quoting Sune :

> We have recieved the following bug report in the kde team.  As we kind of
> are out of sparc computers we are seeking help.
> You need: a debian sparc running recent unsntable and a attached monitor. 
> Try to install kdm and log in.  Report back if it works or not.
> If some of you really nice people are able to reproduce it, a patch would
> also be much appreciated.

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