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Re: Creation of Sparc (32-bit) port.


Chris Andrew:
> I know that discussion is on-going regarding the future of 32-bit sparc. 

AFAICT the discussion is not ongoing.  It just repeats itself every few 
weeks, and nothing changes:  There is no kernel support for sparc32 anymore 
in Linux.

Since, at one point, somebody said "it would be nice to have some project 
resources so people could organize themselves" (paraphrased), I thought at 
least a hypothetical sparc32 porting effort shouldn't fail for lack of a 
communication platform:

I've set up <http://wiki.debian.org/Sparc32> (unchanged since I've set it 
up) and a debian-sparc32@fortytwo.ch mailing list (which has 3 members and 
hasn't seen any activity in the past month.)

Conclusion: the sparc32 port apparently deserves to die - there simply is 
nobody prepared to do the work.

-- vbi

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