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Re: Retiring the sparc32 port

Michelle Konzack wrote:

On the other side, I will leafe in short France and then i will have
NO access to Electricity except a bunch (~42) of photovoltaik panels
of 75W and a 4kW Bio-Fuel-Generator

A 1500Mhz Via C7 (x86 32 bits), a GiB of RAM, a pair of 2.5" hard
drives and a slim DVD-burner will happily work with less than
60W, and will run circles around UltraSPARC I and II cpus,
let alone SuperSPARC. And will allow for USB, IEEE1394, and
other recent stuff to be plugged in. (Anyone know of a VME USB card
for my 4/330 ? :-)

As an added bonus, AES encryption (ssl, ssh, etc.) will come
for almost free, it's implemented in hardware. If you want
HW RAID1 instead of SW, an old 3ware PCI RAID1 card for PATA
should still fit inside 80W, 100W top.

BTW, maybe this part of the discussion should be moved out
of debian-sparc now ? It has strayed far from the topic
for the list.

Romain Dolbeau

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