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Re: Debian GNU/(k)NetBSD and sparc32 hardware?


>On Sun, Jul 29, 2007 at 03:13:03PM +0200, Maciej Jan Broniarz wrote:
>> Dnia 2007-07-29, o godz. 15:11:55
>> Ulrich Teichert <krypton@ulrich-teichert.org> napisa=C5=82(a):
>> > I tend to differ. It will be easier to fix the Linux kernel, find a
>> > maintainer for it and then get it into Debian again. We would
>> > leveraging the existing work better that way.
>> We will agree on one issue. The main problem is the lack of people
>> working on that port. No matter is it NetBSD or Linux.


>The Debian GNU/(k)NetBSD port may have a lack of people and support at
>the moment (I don't know the current status, though).
>However, it seems that the upstream development of the sparc32 code in
>the NetBSD kernel is _not_ halted (unlike the upstream Linux support).

That's not quite true. Dave Miller is still collecting patches, Mark
Fortescue, Krzysztof Helt and others are producing them. See the respective
posts on sparclinux@vger. It's just that there is no real maintainer
for the port.

>Can somebody confirm that? Maybe I'll just ask on the resp. NetBSD list..

A quick look at the mailinglist archive at


suggests that there is activity as well. I don't know the maintainer
state of NetBSD-sparc, though.

>In that case, a good long-term solution (IMO) would be to bring the
>Debian GNU/(k)NetBSD (sparc32) port up to speed (or rather: start it, I
>don't think it exists yet, there was only work for i386 and alpha, IIRC).
>That may sound like a lot of work (and it probably is), but I think it's
>mostly Debian-related work, and not kernel maintainence work
>(as that is done by upstream), so it may be a good option to keep Debian
>alive on sparc32 hardware.

Call me a chicken, but I still think it will be less work to just fix the
issues in the kernel and use the existing stuff instead. I agree that a
new debian architecture would be more fun, but splitting up the remaining
debian sparc32 developers between NetBSD and Linux does not sound too
healthy for me.

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