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Re: Sparcstation20 (32 bit) user needs good /etc/apt/sources.list

On Mon, Jul 23, 2007 at 00:22:52 +0100, Chris Andrew wrote:

> Ludovic,
> Thank you for your reply. As mentioned, I did a dist-upgrade from Sarge.  I
> can confirm that I am now running Debian 4.0 (Etch). Unfortunately, when I
> try to check for updates, I have problems with the following packages:
> apt
> apt-utils
> aptitude
> The problem I have with all three is that I get an error message that says
> "a public key is not available", therefore the packages can't be
> identified.

That should not happen with official packages after you've run aptitude
(or apt-get) update.

> i am asked whether I should install anyway, to which I answer
> "yes".  I get "script" errors when these packages try to configure, and a
> complaint that "apt-utils is not installed" prevents me from configuing 
> many
> packages.

That's not an error, AFAIK.

> I am unable to do a "straight" install from CD of Etch, because I am told
> that the ESP module that supports my CDROM, is broken, and it is not fixed
> until 2.6.22, which Debian isn't using, yet.
> In summary, I need to work out how to overcome the "key" problem.  It has
> been suggested that I upgrade my "debian-archive-keyring (I think)", but I
> am told this is the newest version, already.
> I would appreciate any help.
It'd help if you said exactly which error messages you get, and what
your sources.list looks like.  Any unofficial sources there would cause
that warning about a missing key.


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