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Re: linking SPARC applications

Martin wrote:
On Sat, 2007-07-21 at 16:53 +1000, Jim Watson wrote:

I have been building SPARC applications - I mean the shared libraries report SPARC in response to the file command.

Now I noticed these are linked to various standard libs in /lib/v9 which report SPARC32PLUS, instead of linking to the required SPARC libs in /lib

Is this something that has to be configured when building or is it something happens when running ldd? (I only have sun4u here)

IIRC the output of ldd is something like

libraryNameInProgram => /where/it/maps/to/on/this/system

if the first is incorrect, you have to change you build system /
environment.  If the second is incorrect you have to change how ld is
set up on your system.

Thus it would sound, to me, like your system was behaving correctly and
the binaries should work on sun4m.

Yes, but I like them to run on sparc (32) systems too.
Previously they always linked to /lib/blah.
Now something has changed so they now link to /lib/v9/blah
But I didn't change my build system so I guess it is something changed in debian.
Thats the bit I don't understand - what has changed?



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