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Re: USB host adapter?

On 2007-05-01, BERTRAND Joël <joel.bertrand@systella.fr> wrote:

> Jordan Bettis a écrit :
>> I have another question: I'd like to see if I can get USB
>> working on my Ultra 5. Anyone have any recommendations for
>> a PCI host adapter that'll work with it?
> 	I have installed a Belkin (5*USB2) in one of my U60. I suppose that 
> this PCI card should work in a U5. Warning, you have to find a PCI 2.1 
> (not 2.2) adapter.

I'm using NEC chip cards in my Ultra5 and 10. The Ali chip ones I 
tried were very flakey. It may have been a PCI 2.2 vs. 2.1 problem
(I've run into this elsewhere), but would PCI 2.2 cards work at all?


Howard E.


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