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Re: Support for Sun E220r server in Debian Etch

Thank you for all your information. 
I am surprised that the system does not have hardware RAID because the specifications mention RAID 0,1 specifically, but knowing Sun, it is entirely possible that they use RAID the hard drives via software RAID instead of hardware RAID. 
Now that I know that I will have good luck (Hopefully) I can hopefully proceed to put Debian Linux on it at the same time I upgrade our Debian x86 server to 4.0.
Again, thank you for all you help
Barry Wilson

On 4/27/07, Alexander Zangerl <az@snafu.priv.at> wrote:
On Fri, 27 Apr 2007 21:32:12 MST, "Barry Wilson" writes:
>Thanks for the info.  I don't think that the modinfo or sysdef programs have
>any more information available about a model or make of the SCSI controller
>(but have attached it in case you see something I miss),

modinfo is a treasure trove ;-)

looking at the modinfo output, i see exactly one entry related
to scsi adapters, and that's the one saying the "glm" driver is loaded.

the solaris glm driver handles the venerable ncr/lsi/symbios 53c8xx
scsi chips and the newer 53c10xx series; none of these are hardware
raid devices.

the good news is that this stuff is definitely supported by linux,
the newer chips with the "Fusion MPT" driver and the older with
the "SYM53C8XX" driver.

so, from your info it looks as you're using the OS software raid, and
there's no indication of a hardware raid controller. if that's true,
then all your hardware will be supported out of the box by linux.


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