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Re: [sun]debian

On Fri, 2007-03-23 at 15:36 +0100, Eric Rapilly wrote:
> If I can't boot from a Cdrom written on a fedora,
What distro the CD is written on shouldn't matter - provided it is
written correctly (you did check the md5sum).  Note that some Windows
burners `helpfully' pad iso images; thus always giving incorrect md5sum;
even for correctly written CDs.

>  is there a good way to
> install Debian on my SUN ? If no, what shall I do to install Debian on
> my SUN
Judging by the least thread you posted here the problem is that OpenBoot
(the firmware; kind of like what the PC's BIOS would be if it was
properly designed) can't find the cdrom device.  'cdrom' is usually an
alias (like a symlink) for the SCSI cdrom.  It's possible the alias is
missing or that a hardware change means that it's not in the expected
place.  Have a look at an OpenBoot reference for how to change the alias
or how to specify where in OpenBoot's 'filesystem' the cd drive is.


 - Martin

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