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Re: Sound with the CS4231 module (Ultra 5)


ludo@chbouib.org (Ludovic Courtès) writes:

> I have an Ultra 5 where I use the `snd-sun-cs4231' module.  Some
> applications seem to work fine with it (e.g., "mpg321", "aplay -r 44100
> -f cd" with appropriate input) while others don't.
> Beep-media-player, for instance, would play the music faster, as though
> it skipped one sample out of four or something like that.  The situation
> with PulseAudio (using its `alsa-sink' module) is worse: it makes weird
> noise that can hardly be correlated with the input files.

FWIW, I now successfully work around these issues by using the OSS
compatibility layer.  I.e., I install the `snd-pcm-oss' and
`snd-mixer-oss' modules and then have these applications that don't work
when using the ALSA API use their OSS plug-ins instead...


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